Essential Furniture for a Guest Room

Texas fine furniture

Fortunately, you only need some common-sense furnishings to create a room that any guest will appreciate during their stay. Once these essentials are in place, you can then build around them with additional decor to create an even more welcoming space.

Comfortable Bed
It goes without saying that the most important thing you can provide for a guest is a pleasant place to sleep. This will require a quality bedframe and comfortable mattress. Quality pillows and bedding are essential as well, as most guests will be more interested in comfort than the room’s décor. A queen size bed is usually ideal for a guest room.


A Chest of Drawers
Having a few drawers to store clothing and other personal items is much more convenient than having to pull them out of bags all the time. Avoid cluttering the top of the chest or dresser with décor, as this space may also come in handy for your guest. To display true quality and a sense of home to your guests, go with Texas fine furniture made of solid wood rather than particle board.

A Nightstand
Most people like to keep their cell phones, eyeglasses, and jewelry close at hand. A nightstand on at least one side of the bed will provide the perfect space to keep these essentials. Add a small table lamp so your guest has a light source at nighttime.