Should You Use Furniture Polish?

reclaimed wood furniture Austin TXIf you’re a regular user of furniture polish for your solid wood furniture, you may have wondered if it is indeed safe to use every time you clean. As it turns out, the chemicals used in popular furniture polishes can actually dull the varnish of your furniture, and even attract more dust over time.

There are three different types of furniture polish, and they each have advantages and disadvantages.

Liquid Polishes
There are two types of liquid polishes: oil-based and water-based. While both are powerful and leave a nice sheen, the results are typically short-lived as the liquid dries. Also, as drying oils get older, they turn yellow or brown, causing a muddy appearance on your furniture.

Aerosol Polishes
While spray polishes are convenient, they include contaminants and solvents which can eat through varnish.

Semi-Solid Polishes
Also known as paste wax, semi-solid polishes are a mixture of wax in an organic solvent. Because it’s a stable material, this is the method of choice for polishing solid wood furniture (as long as the mixture does not include silicone).

When it comes to reclaimed wood furniture in Austin, TX, it is always best to check with the manufacturer on the best ways to clean. Generally, most pieces will benefit from regular dry dusting. A microfiber duster will attract dust without harming the surface or leaving a residue.