Furniture Arrangement Tips

solid wood furniture AustinYou could have the most beautiful home consisting of the most beautiful solid wood furniture in Austin, but without the proper arrangement of these pieces, the look and flow of your space can be comprised. Here are some tips to keep in mind when it comes to furniture arrangement.

Select a Focal Point
Different rooms in your home will call for different starting points, or focal points. In the bedroom, the main focal point should always be the bed, as it’s the most important piece in the room. Nightstands, armoire and dressers should be arranged around this focal piece. In the dining room, the starting point should be the table and chairs.

Consider Flow and Function
Consider how you and your family will be entering and exiting the room, as well as the path you will take from one space to the next. If you’re finding that you have to take the long route to get to a specific point, make some adjustments.
In the living room, for instance, one goal is the ability to enter and leave the seating area without having to dodge around a side table. In the bedroom there should be enough space between the bed and dressers for you to open the drawers comfortably and easily.

Don’t Forget about the Comfort Pieces
While style is obviously important when furnishing and decorating your home, it shouldn’t be maintained at the sacrifice of comfort. Don’t ignore those comfort pieces that make you want to hang out in a space. For instance, having close access to a coffee table or side table while you’re enjoying a coffee in your living room is important for comfort and convenience. Consider what makes sense in a room as you arrange your furniture and décor.